Why Choose Finance Allsorts?

16 Compelling reasons to have Finance Allsorts write your next loan:





You’ll find we’re interested in you and we’re friendly & informative.






We do not charge broking fees*, so that you can enjoy a free service.






We do all the running around for you, saving you time and making the task of finding a home loan easy.






We are members of the professional broker association, MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) so that you can be sure that we are doing the right thing.






Our consultants hold qualifications recognised within the industry and most consultants are University degree qualified as well, so they know about finance and can give you the right information.






We offer hundreds of products from many different lenders, so that you get a competitive loan with the features you need from a broad selection of lenders.






Finance Allsorts has been procuring loans for Client’s since 2002 … we didn’t just spring up yesterday, so provide solid assistance with your loan based on real experience






You get the benefit of many years’ experience, so that you get the right loan product, loan structure and information.






We do not sell our own home loans and are not owned by any Lender and therefore are not in disguise as an agent for a particular Lender, therefore giving you a true choice of loans that maybe available to you.






Loans may be available almost no matter what your credit history.






Flexible around meeting place and time, to suit your busy life.






All loan recommendations are based on listening to your needs, then analysed using advanced computer technology, so that you have a choice of loans based on your personal requirements and situation.






After your loan is finalised, Finance Allsorts will be available for any further enquiries you may have. We can become your very own Finance Manager.  We can usually have any loan or account issues fixed quicker than if you try and resolve them with the Lender yourself.






You have access to 100’s of loan products available from Banks and other Lenders, including;

o         Home loans (Lines of Credit / Offset loans / Redraw loans)

o         Fixed term loans

o         Investment loans

o         Senior’s loans

o         SMSF loans

o         NRAS loans

o         Plant & Equipment loans (Leasing)

o         Commercial loans

o         Business loans






You’ll get to find the best loan considering what you want for your future too, not necessarily just your immediate needs.






Finance Allsortscomplies with:

o         NCCP laws (ASIC) and has its own Australian Credit License No: 389106

o         The Privacy Act to ensure the security of your personal and financial details

o         Educational requirements and on-going personal development.

o         SEQUAL accreditation for Senor's loans (reverse mortgages)

o         MFAA membership